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White Label SEO

If you are an SEO agency or an independent SEO advisor stuck with a heavy workload and can’t find a way to move ahead, do not worry anymore. As an experienced professional in this field, I am here to share your workload and meet your client’s expectations properly with my skills and knowledge. I provide high-quality white label SEO service that can help you fulfill your work responsibilities well. Give me a call anytime for my help.


Technical Website Audit

I overview your website’s technical health. With my comprehensive approach and in-depth knowledge, I scan the details including canonical tags, URL structures, and website speed to 404 links, pagination, and so on. From every aspect of redirections to the minute points of heading tags, meta tags, and HREF language - nothing misses my sight. I make sure that every factor the website performance is checked and mentioned in my audit report.


SEO Monthly Retainers

If you want to win the SEO game, play for the long term. That is what the experts say. Being a reliable and professional guide in this field, I offer monthly SEO solutions to make your website visible at a high rank to your target audience. I help you stay and thrive in the game for a long time. Thus, more conversions and eventually more sales and revenue are ensured with SEO monthly retainers services.


Fractional CMO

Do not worry anymore if you can’t afford to hire a complete marketing team or a full-time CMO. Whether your budget is a concern or time is limited, I understand your problem. Therefore, I am here to serve you as your trustworthy fractional CMO. With years of experience, I help you to meet the gaps in your marketing team. Let me develop effective marketing strategies considering your business needs and goals.


Website Content Audits

When it comes to ranking a website on Google, content is a king, only if it is high-quality, wisely optimized, and relevant. I offer to analyze and update the inventory of your website content to make it more search engine-friendly and easy-to-read for the visitors. I optimize the website copy and adjust your content marketing strategy. Ranging from using the right keyword at the right place to adding missing meta descriptions to the blog posts- I pay attention to everything.


Backlinking Audit

To aid your future link-building efforts, I check if the backlinks are industry-specific and geotargeted or not. Also, I check the number of contextual backlinks on your site. Whether it is a reputable website with multiple referring domains or a new website with a few links, I audit the backlinks efficiently. Using my knowledge and experience, I find out poor-quality backlinks including spammy links and hacked backlinks on your website.


Local SEO & GMB Optimization

The more visible you are to your local audience, the more sustainable your business is. Let me help you bring local traffic and convertible leads to your website through effective local SEO service. Whether you have a physical office or not, local SEO always helps to grow a business. Also, I help you to get into the Google My Business and optimize your Google business profile for better ranking and visibility.


Analytics & Reporting

Want to track your website performance and measure its success? I am here to track the traffic, clicks, impressions, and all other elements that determine your website’s performance. Let me set up and manage your accounts for Google Analytics, GSC, Google ads, GTM, etc. Being well-versed in Google Data Studio, I provide visual meaningful data for the website. I can integrate third-party tools including Hotjar, Crazyegg, and many more into your website.


SEO Troubleshooting

Whether it is a minor glitch or a complicated issue, I am here ready to solve them. From website indexing problems to sudden traffic drops- I pay attention to every trouble. For any regular or urgent SEO troubleshooting needs, you have my back. With my proven skills and expertise, I deal with every problem that comes across in the path of optimizing your website for search engines. You stay relaxed when I solve the glitches at the earliest.


New Website SEO Setup

Got a brand new website for your business? I offer an effective and result-driven SEO set-up service for it. My service includes setting up meta tags, creating an XML sitemap, fixing the broken links, setting up a Google search console, optimizing website content, keyword research, etc. I make sure that your website is live and indexed to search engines without any glitches.


Website Migration

I help you to migrate your website while taking care of the SEO aspects. From building the sitemap to verifying the SEO-friendliness of the page design- I do it all. Find services for design migrations, content migrations, domain migrations, and website mergers here. After managing numerous migrations for years, I assure to migrate your website safely and efficiently. Hire me today to ensure first-class website migration solutions!


SEO Copywriting

Content on a website connects you with your audience. But, only scribbling words for your website is not enough until they are optimized for search engines. I help you with high-quality SEO copywriting service. Whether it is for a new website or an old website with a requirement for fresh content, the best SEO copy is available here. I offer content that hooks your audience and impresses search engines at the same time.


In-depth Keyword Analysis

From identifying relevant keywords that bring high traffic to analyzing the existing keywords’ performance- I do them all. With my years of experience and knowledge in SEO, I work as a reliable guide who comes up with the most effective keyword research and analysis service. I research extensively to target the right keywords that can bring your website to a better ranking than all of your contenders in the industry. 


Ecommerce SEO

Let me make your online store more visible with a high-quality e-commerce SEO. I have worked with a variety of e-commerce brands worldwide and have helped them grow online. Indeed, I will use the experience to bring more convertible traffic to your website and improve your ROI. My SEO service will announce an exceptional online presence of your online store and establish the brand in people’s minds.


Landing Page Optimization

It is said that the landing page is the gateway to your website. Most traffics stumble across the page and if it seems interesting they move ahead. And eventually, they are converted into sales. So, optimizing it can give you a high return on investment. I offer customized landing page optimization services involving methods like A/B testing that help to invite more convertible traffic to your website.


Current SEO Assessment

Wondering if your website SEO setup is working well or not? Tired of seeing the low traffic even after investing a high amount of money to optimize your website? I help you assess the website SEO and find out what is wrong with it. I prepare a detailed report mentioning the scopes for improvement. Thus, you will get to know why your website is not ranking or bringing high traffic as per expectations.


Competitive Analysis

With my competitive market analysis, you can learn what your competitors are doing. Understanding their website navigation, backlink profile, content structure, keyword strategy, and other relevant aspects, I offer a stronger SEO strategy that can ward off the competitors from the game. I analyze their sites to get insights into their work process and suggest better ideas to execute for your website.


International SEO

When you plan to show your website at a global level beyond your local area, my international SEO service ensures its success. I set up the keywords, language, and structure of the website as per the target countries so that you get countless organic leads worldwide. Understanding the cultural differences and specific features of the countries, I ensure the successful reception of your website and influence customer choices for your website in the foreign market.


SEO Adhoc Consultancy

Whether you need an urgent consultancy or a retainer solution, my SEO consultancy service is always available for you. Using my in-depth knowledge and experience in SEO, I strive to suggest the most effective strategy to optimize your website and implement them as per requirement. Find me at your side whenever you need SEO support including audit, SEO troubleshooting, SEO assessment, keyword analysis, and so on.

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